Welcome to ELEDUR!

Founded by Nazli and Joao in Paris, ELEDUR is much more than a company, it is a love story for art and creation. These two partners have brought their vision to life by creating an exceptional shopping experience for those seeking unique pieces of decor and furniture. Drawing on their backgrounds in architecture and engineering, they have shaped ELEDUR as a harmonious fusion of creativity and technical know-how.

ELEDUR is like an erudite curator, confidently navigating between sophistication and creativity. Imagine a design expert who, while respecting classic elegance, knows how to inject a touch of innovation and excitement. Our tone is warm and welcoming, reflecting the reliability and trust we place at the heart of our products.

What does “ELEDUR” mean?

The name "ELEDUR" finds its origin in the fusion of two fundamental values: elegance and durability. “Ele” evokes elegance, adding a touch of refinement to each creation. “Hard” recalls durability, affirming the resistance and exceptional quality of our products. Together, “ELEDUR” embodies our commitment to designs that combine timeless sophistication and robustness.

What shines like a treasure in the ELEDUR universe?

At ELEDUR, our essential values ​​can be summed up in three words: Elegance, Durability, Reliability

Our brand exudes elegance in every detail. From carefully curated designs to timeless aesthetics, we are committed to bringing sophistication to your spaces. Our communication is crafted with a touch of refinement, ensuring that every interaction reflects the grace and beauty we represent.

At the heart of our brand is a commitment to sustainability. Our products are not just about style; they are designed with longevity in mind. In our communication, expect a robust and reliable tone, reflecting the quality and resilience of our furniture and decorative items.

Trust is the cornerstone of our brand. Our tone is unwavering and reliable, just like the quality of our products. We communicate with transparency and consistency, ensuring our customers have security in their choices and confidence in the reliability of our brand. At ELEDUR, these values ​​are not just words, but the promise that every interaction with us will be imbued with elegance, durability and reliability.