Shipping Terms

When you place an order with ELEDUR, shipping costs are included in the final price. The system calculates these fees based on the shipping address and automatically adjusts them when you add products or change quantities.

The shipping time for each item in your cart may vary depending on different products, finishes and colors. You can check these deadlines on the product sheet before adding it to the basket, as well as in the order summary before validation. Please note that only one shipment per order will be made.

At ELEDUR, we have a large stock of most products to guarantee a delivery time of 5 to 7 working days in France from dispatch (provided that all the products in the order are in stock, you can check these deadlines during the purchasing process). However, for palletized orders (large orders), delivery may take 7 to 10 business days. Please note that the standard service does not include delivery to the floor or assembly of the products.

At the time of delivery :

As soon as the consumer takes possession of the goods, the risk of loss or damage is transferred to him. It is therefore essential to:

- Do not sign the delivery note without having checked the contents of the packages and the condition of the goods if possible.

- When examining the goods, do not give in to pressure from the delivery people and take the time to do so quietly.

- If you cannot verify the condition of the goods, please express explicit reservations on the delivery note (this is mandatory for any claim concerning a product damaged during transport).

- In the event of refusal of delivery, take photos of the condition of the packages to speed up the management of the incident, and report it via your customer area.

- For large and/or heavy items, it is strongly recommended to arrange for the help of a third person to transport the items to your home.

Failed delivery due to "Incomplete, incorrect or missing address":

ELEDUR cannot be held responsible for delivery failure due to an address deemed incomplete by the carrier. In the event of return of a package mentioning "incomplete address" or declared NPAI (does not live at the address indicated) by the transport company, we will issue a credit corresponding to the customer's order as soon as the package is returned within our offices.

- Make sure you have provided accurate and complete contact details to the sender.

- Check that your name is clearly indicated on your mailbox, doorbell or intercom.

- In the event of delivery failure, you have 10 working days to recover your package. After this period, it will be automatically returned. Make sure that the period of 10/15 consecutive days to collect your package from the postal contact or collection point is not exceeded.

- Make sure the sender is not the originator of the return.

The credit will be deducted from the amount of delivery costs paid to ELEDUR, including during "Free Shipping" operations, because our company always pays the delivery costs to the carrier.

In the event of a delay due to unforeseen events (bad weather, accidents, etc.) which disrupt the normal delivery of products, ELEDUR cannot be held responsible for delivery delays.

You can view all detailed charges in your cart before confirming the order, including selected products, shipping costs, as well as any commissions and taxes. Before clicking "Confirm Order", make sure everything is correct, including products, quantities, finishes, etc.

Shipping costs vary depending on the delivery address, weight and total volume of the products ordered.

Due to the high volume of shipments during promotional weeks, such as Black Friday, delays may occur in deliveries.

Delivery address :

ELEDUR makes deliveries in France directly via our site.

For deliveries to individuals in the countries mentioned above, VAT is included in the price according to the VAT of each country.

For companies carrying out commercial activity in other countries of the European Union and having an intra-community VAT number, the prices invoiced are also exempt from VAT.

All our deliveries are made "doorstep", which means that they are made at the bottom of your building or in front of the gate. You must therefore organize the receipt of your package and its transport by your own means. The same goes for product assembly.

Due to the high volume of shipments during promotional weeks, such as Black Friday, delays may occur in deliveries.

Calculation of shipping costs per installment:

Shipping costs for orders in mainland France are calculated based on the total amount of products purchased at the time of purchase. Here is the price table*:

Weight and volume of products:

The higher the quantity of products, the higher the shipping costs.